Bivo is a new generation replacement meal.

It is a balanced and natural food that provides everything your body needs, according to the nutritional balance of the Mediterranean Diet.

Bivo is the first Made in Italy complete food, ready in 30 seconds and available in different delicious flavours.

Bivo does not replace your diet but is the ideal alternative when you need to feed yourself quickly, completely, healthily and lightly.

Bivo is chosen by those who want to live life to the fullest and are looking for an intelligent solution when they have little time to eat.

Bivo is the food chosen also by lovers of outdoor activities, because in any situation it provides the energy and hydration that your body needs.

Its formula is designed to give you energy constantly for 5-6 hours without peaks or drops in blood sugar and without weighing you down.


Little time for breakfast or lunch

A few hours till the deadline of a project? University exams? Lots of things to do and little time available? Energy is almost over? The alternatives are an oily pizza, a depressing sandwich, or fasting? From now on the answer is one: Bivo!


One-day outdoor activity

Are you preparing your backpack for outdoor activities? You fear a sandwich and some energy bars will not be enough nor convenient for such a hard day? Bring Bivo and its handy shaker with you! You will be able to drink Bivo in every situation and time when your body will need energy.


Before or after your workout

No time to eat a sandwich when you do sport?
Bivo, its digestibility and its balanced calorie intake are ideal before and after your workout.



The preparation of a travel took too long? Waiting to be boarded for a flight? At the train station and the train is late? Thanks to its ease of use Bivo is perfect when you are travelling.


If you need more time for yourself

At night you don’t want to cook and wash dishes? Resting in the evening after a stressful day is important for you?
Bivo is the smart and convenient solution for who has a busy life.


Long-distance hiking or trekking

Are you preparing for an mountain excursion? Maybe longer than one day? Leave at home pot and stove! Put in your your packets of Bivo and the convenient shaker to eat in a complete and healthy way even on the peak of your dreams!

What are the ingredients?

Oat flour

It is obtained by milling grains, or groats, of the oat (Avena sativa). Oat flour is a source of carbohydrates with low glycemic index and releases energy slowly into our body. It contains many fibers, and a good quantity of protein.


It is a complex carbohydrate obtained from corn, commonly used for food and suggested to athletes that need immediate energy. It has been added in Bivo to give rapid absoption energy without burdening digestion.

Pea Protein

Legumes, including peas, are the protein source par excellence of those who follow a vegan diet. Pea protein contains an amino acid profile which is considered among the best of all vegetable proteins.

Coconut oil

It is a natural source of fat from plants. It is very appreciated by the fitness and nutrition world for its many properties (like the rebalancing of the levels of cholesterol present in the blood, thanks to the increase of the "good" cholesterol).

Ground flax seed

The flax seeds contains a great quantity of fats (in particular omega3) and proteins, and many fibers. Together with pea protein and oats they complete the amino acid profile of Bivo. The seeds of the plant are cold milled.

Borage oil

It is obtained by pressing the seeds of Borrago officinalis. It is used as a supplement to lower cholesterol and protect our tissues from oxidation. It is a natural source of omega6, balancing in Bivo the omega3 of flaxseed.


On top of a balanced presence of carbohydrates, proteins and lipids, Bivo is made complete by the balanced content of the main vitamins. Particularly important for who follows a vegan diet are vitamin B12 and vitamin D.

Mineral salts

About the 4% of body weight is due to mineral salts. Since they are constantly expelled by our organism, especially during phisical activity, but also in a normal working day, it is important to integrate them.