The Product

With your first order, if you have chosen the envelopes you will find Bivo's single-portion packets and the Bivo shaker. When you need a quick, complete and healthy food, all you have to do is add 300 ml of water, pour the contents of a packet inside the shaker and shake: Bivo is served.
Before opening the bottle, it is important to shake it for a few seconds, so as to give air to the dust and make sure that it does not remain deposited in the bottom. Then the bottle is opened and about 300 ml of water is added, i.e. just beyond the top edge of the label. It is closed and stirred for a few seconds, so that the product dissolves homogeneously. That's it, Bivo Ready to Use is ready to drink, even directly from the bottle itself.
Bivo is supplied in a single portion just to be easily transported and prepared on the spot. To enjoy it at its best, prepare it and consume it immediately afterwards. In case of need, you can still prepare Bivo a few hours before consuming it, but to best enjoy it, it is advisable to prepare it just before consumption.
We recommend you prepare Bivo with water at room temperature to best enjoy the product. However, you can also use cold or lukewarm water. We advise you not to use boiling water so as not to burn the thermolabile vitamins present in the product.
In Italy. Bivo’s formula has been developed by a team of Italian experts. The production is made in Italy too.
Bivo can be purchased on this site, www.bivo.it. The product will arrive to your home in two working days from your order. Do you have a shop and you want to offer Bivo to your customers? Write us at admin@bivo.it
Bivo is not a properly "dietary" food. By drinking Bivo you know exactly how many calories you are taking, as it contains about 440 calories, corresponding to one fifth of the calories recommended daily for normal adult daily activities. However Bivo does not impose any diet. Simply, among its various advantages, Bivo can also be useful for controlling the calories consumed during a diet and for avoiding the traditional high-calorie and low-quality "fast food".
Calories in Bivo are split as follows: the 50% of calories are from carbohydrates; the 25% of calories are from fats; the 18% of calories are from proteins; the 7% of the calories are from fibers. This proportion is typical of the mediterranean diet.
One Bivo contains about a fifth of the daily requirement of the main vitamins and mineral salts. Particularly important for who follows a vegan diet are vitamin B12 and vitamin D, in addition to mineral salts as calcium. In the page "Nutrition" you can find the ingredients and the nutrients intake of Bivo in details.
Bivo is rich in Omega3 and Omega6, present in the right quantity and proportion. All ingredients contained in Bivo, fats included, are of plant origin.
Absolutely not, Bivo is ok for all adults with normal energy requirements and does does not force any diet. The calories split in Bivo reflects that of mediterranean diet, the healthiest nutritional model in the world, but you can choose to eat whatever you want when you don’t use Bivo.
Absolutely yes, because it contains exclusively ingredients of plant origin.
No, because even if the oats we use naturally does not contain gluten, it may contain traces of gluten for the so-called "cross contamination" (it is stored by our supplier in environments where there are also other cereals containing gluten).
Absolutely yes. One of Bivo’s property is to release energy efficiently for at least 5 or 6 hours, allowing athletes to have the energy they need for a long time without weighting down digestion.
How many times you like. Bivo is thought for the moments when you have a few time to eat and you want to have a smart alternative, nutritionally complete and far better than the traditional “fast food”, which is nutritionally unbalanced and inefficient.
Even if theoretically it is possible to feed almost exclusively with Bivo, because it is food that contains everything that your body needs, we advise against it. You can consume Bivo how many time you like, but without forgetting that having a varied diet is very important for our health.
Bivo’s formula is studied to release energy efficiently for 5 or 6 hours.
Because its formula has been studied exactly to achieve this. In particular, the type of carbohydrates included in Bivo are complex carbs (not simple sugars) which release energy both immediately and in the long run. Maltodextrin provides energy right away, while oats, with its low glycemic index, gets involved at a later time reinvigorating the body for several hours.
Bivo has been developed and produced for adult and healthy consumers. Since the stage of growth is very delicate, we suggest you to contact your doctor before consuming Bivo.
Even if there should not be any worries consuming Bivo because it is a natural product, we ask pregnant women to ask their doctor before consuming it.
Bivo has to be stored in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.
The powder weighs 100 grams. The bottle including packaging weighs less than 130 grams.
Bivo's powder is 114 grams. With the packaging, a packet is less than 120 grams.
Yes. Bivo has to be consumed within 24 months from the date of production. The expiry date is indicated in each packet.
Bivo Ready to Use is made of 100% recyclable PET. For this reason, after use it is sufficient to throw the bottle in the separate plastic collection (if possible, it is good to rinse the bottle before throwing it). Bivo in envelope is in polylaminate material. For this reason, where to throw the envelope depends on the municipality of residence. We recommend throwing the bag in the dry to make sure you're not wrong. The growth of Bivo, thanks to the many loyal customers, is allowing us to work on a compostable packaging, which is our ultimate goal to make zero impact not only Bivo powder but also its packaging!

Shipments and Payments

The carrier varies according to the country from which you have ordered Bivo.
Shipment costs vary according to the country from which you order Bivo. Here you can find the details of the shipment costs.
Our shipment procedures are very quick: in a few days you will receive your order. In case of lack of availability of the product you will be notified immediately and you will be asked if you prefer to wait for availability or if you want a full refund of your order.
You can pay with credit card, PayPal or with bank transfer.
In the reason for payment of the bank transfer you have to write the name of the customer and the number of the order. As soon as we will receive the payment you order will be shipped.


The shaker is given for free to the first purchase of a single-dose package of Bivo.
Absolutely yes. The shaker is produced by Blender Bottle, the American company leader in the production and commercialization of shakers (www.blenderbottle.com).
Yes, the shaker is top rack dishwasher safe. Anyway, it is also easy to hand wash it.
The Bivo shaker is very resistant, but it weights less than 150 grams.