We collaborate with Legambiente, the Italian environmental association, as we share its values. For this reason, we donate 1% of the revenue deriving from the sales of our online shop to Legambiente. Above all, we appreciate the scientific environmental approach of this association, that is, the choice to base every initiative for the defense of the environment on a solid scientific basis and to accompany any "no" with the indication of concrete, realistic and practicable alternatives.


ENDU is a very valid Italian startup, born as a platform, and in a few years it has become a point of reference for all endurance sports enthusiasts in Italy. With ENDU we periodically organize campaigns aimed at those who want to test their physical abilities and love outdoor sports.


The use that our customers make of Bivo in the outdoor environment has led us to know and appreciate the CAI. The Italian Alpine Club is the oldest and largest association of mountaineers and mountain enthusiasts in Italy and we have decided to dedicate special conditions to its members. The members of the CAI can, in fact, purchase Bivo at dedicated conditions.